the Morning Room

by Gold Dusk

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    the Morning Room was written over several years. Its songs reflect a progression of thoughts on human connections and confrontations. The warmth of companionship and empathy are balanced by the chill of loss and violence. In creating this record I have tried to be honest, modest, and graceful. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoy playing.
    -Zak (Gold Dusk)

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    The CD comes packed in a recycled cardboard sleeve that had been hand decorated by Gold Dusk himself. I put a lot of love into these and it's my pleasure to be able to send them out to you.

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released February 14, 2011



all rights reserved


Gold Dusk San Luis Obispo, California

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Track Name: Fat Man
Imagine a man who's given power to hold.
Imagine a madman growing old.
One little man trying to make his mark;
his soul as dark as his blood was cold.

You would need to reach so deep to see
beneath the evil deeds that he has done.

Every damn time that he's spoken to the sky
he's only seen smoke and only felt fire.
Now his tongue is tied. His tongue is tied tight in knots
trying not to want to cry.

He shouldn't need to reach so deep to see
beneath the evil deeds that we have done.

He says I can't believe the things that you've done to me.
I can't believe what you made me do.
No I don't believe, I just can't believe my eyes.
I see evil inside everyone."

Wish I didn't need to reach so deep to see
beneath the evil deeds that you have done.

Imagine a man who's given power to hold.
What happens when his hands get cold?
Just one little man but he's got big old plans;
he's gonna burn this city down.

Hey little boy. Now that you've had your fun
remember you are your father's son.
Hey little boy. You really dropped the ball.
You let its weight fall on everyone.
Hey little boy. You know that you've done wrong
but you'll be forgiven before too long.
Track Name: Carry Me
Carry me back to my home.
Care for me and leave me alone.
Carefully because, baby, I'm carefree
and I'm barely hanging on.

Carry me back to your home.
Care for me like I'm your own.
Mærry me. Wary me.
Bear me to the dawn.
Track Name: Mourning Tonight
The further you run the more you leave behind
so turn around and leave behind
what's ahead of you now. You won't miss it anyhow
when you remember what you lost
and how much you had to lose.

Remember what you had to lose.
What'd you have to lose?
What have you lost?

You die a tiny death between every breath you take.
So take the time to rest and take the time that's left
to try to make the best of every mess you face.
Success can just mean finding your way
to bed and then to lie down and to end your day.

You need to fight away
the need to stay awake.
Just lie down.

I could use a hand right now. Take the clock down off the wall.
So we can fall asleep tonight, outside under the sun.
Forget about the dreams you had. Morning lost you the last one.
Just hold onto the time; a parasite's embrace.
Hold onto the time; stare right into its face.
Don't let it slip away.

We're racing time inside our minds inside our beds
inside our sleeping heads tonight.
We're racing the morning light.
You can try to hide your eyes inside your head by looking back
but even when you're fast asleep
you'll never find a way to get ahead.
You won't change a thing.
Don't waste your dreams thinking of the past.

I could use a hand right now. Take the clock down off the wall
so we can still call today tonight
even when it's light out.
I'll watch you fall asleep.
Calm and strong.
I'll hold on to you tight
all night long.
Track Name: Lament
This tree's roots reach deeper than the grave,
my love, deeper than your grave
but I'd rip it out of the earth
if it meant you would be saved.

'cause I know for sure that knowledge does hurt.
Yes it's a pain to be sure.
But it's better still to ache inside
than live a life unlearned.

So just slow down; watch the ground move.
You can see the earth move.
When the cracks show up you crawl inside
and you'll be shaking too.

Oh my darling go ahead and cry.
Cry like a baby in your mother's arms
and we'll talk all about the calm in the sky
after the storm is done.

You can rest your heart; it won't rain like this in hell.
It doesn't rain like this in hell.
Your troubles are just hanging on
while the grey skies wish them well.

I can see that you're tired so I'll try to catch your eyes.
See if I can catch your eyes.
I'll sing a song to help you sleep.
I'll sing to the sunrise.

So I can figure out what you dream about;
what you dream of night and day.
I'll line your bed with roses
to make that nightmare go away.

Oh my darling go ahead and cry.
Cry like a baby in your mother's arms
and we'll talk all about the calm in the sky
after the storm is done and gone.
Track Name: To Follow Winter
When winter came I still felt the fall in my bones so I ran North to hide.
Track Name: 43
You said you can't say goodbye with tears in your eyes.
I wept away.
You shouldn't have told me that it could hold me back.
I never would have tried.
I've been through hell. Of course I've seen heaven just as well.
Because I followed you.

It ain't the future yet. Still, I've been counting my regrets
and time passed me by.
He promised me he'd promise me one thing.
That's all I have left.

What'd I tell you? Whichever want that you choose you should do.
It'll haunt you when you're gone.

Who cares who remembers you?
If nobody cries on the day I die, neither will I.